Where Women Over 50 Get Strong & Healthy

The Art of Going Gray Sisterhood is a Monthly Membership Program designed specifically with women over 50 in mind. Being active every day is one of the best things you can do for your health. But it’s also about creating a life that moves your soul and keeps your spirit growing. Each month you'll enjoy Pilates Gone Gray! workouts, and share the support of other women just like you!

I'll be there every step of the way to coach you as you become your strongest, healthiest self!

Are You Ready To Be Your Strongest And Healthiest Self?

You're a smart, determined, active woman and you already know that a consistent exercise program is vital to maintain your health. 

But maybe incorporating a regular exercise plan into your life hasn’t exactly worked out lately so you're now less than enthusiastic.

You've started to notice that what worked for you body when you were 30 and 40 years old, just doesn't work anymore. In fact, you may have only realized this for the first time is when you started noticing some nagging injuries and difficulty sticking with your plan.

Turning to the internet for guidance you may have found an overwhelming amount of often conflicting fitness advice for women over 50 that just makes you glaze over and give up. You need solid information and women like you to share your experiences.

Maybe you've paid good money to a health club only to find that your 30-something personal trainer just doesn't get you. It's not their fault, but they just don't know what it feels like to live in an older, changing body.

Or you just can't get a lasting habit going. Exercise doesn't feel like fun and it's easy to put it last on the list of priorities. Or you're busy with work, family, community and your health and wellbeing gets the crumbs of time left over. 

I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be this way. Staying active, injury free and still having time for an engaging life can be lots of fun and actually pretty easy to do.

"Betsy has a real gift for making you feel great. She shares her experiences and is very encouraging. She promotes a sense of openness and acceptance of our changing bodies.

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The Art of Going Gray Sisterhood Monthly

$15/month (cancel anytime)

The Art of Going Gray Sisterhood Yearly

$12/month ($144 billed yearly)

When I hit 50, I was NOT prepared for the physical changes that menopause and aging brought to my world.

Hot flashes and sleepless nights took their toll. It was tough to get through my work day, much less stay on a regular exercise program. I despaired that I had to accept that this was the start of a long, slow downhill slide. 

Then, at 56, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Surgery and radiation, then months of healing, physically and mentally. 

I struggled to find answers. It took a lot of trial and error, but today I can say that I have met some challenges and I’m stronger, more active and healthier than ever. 

It's always a work in progress but believe I've found a way to stay strong and healthy as the years go by.

I’ve taken all I have learned, my experience and my training as a physical therapist and Pilates practitioner and poured it into The Art of Going Gray, a community where women over 50 can create A Moving Life, one that feeds body and soul.

 What Does It Take To Get Strong and Healthy When You're A Woman Over 50?

I've worked with many, many women over 50 and what it comes down to is a change in attitude. It's a shift from 'having to DO exercise' to living what I call A Moving Life, one that incorporates activity and movement into every day. 

I created The Art of Going Gray Sisterhood to help you, a woman over 50, create your own version of A Moving Life. Because movement makes life better. And sisterhood makes the journey more fun.

Being active every day is one of the best things you can do for your health. But it’s also about creating a life that moves your soul and keeps your spirit growing. It's about staying flexible to life's changes, being realistic about what's possible and treating yourself with grace and kindness.

When you start to live A Moving Life you'll have the energy and vitality to enjoy all that life has in store.

"Betsy is an inspiration. Simply put, she brings out the best in people. Fact is, I didn’t exercise regularly until I met Betsy. Now I want to be my strongest self."

cccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccToni Apgar



Each month a brand new Pilates Gone Gray! workout and workout calendar.


Each month we'll focus on one aspect of healthy living over 50, offering tips to help you create your Moving Life.


You'll have access to an archive of all the past months' offerings to view and download any time.


You'll get the most up-to-date nutrition information along with simple healthy eating tips and recipes.


Choose from video workouts anywhere from 10-40 minutes long, beginner to advanced. You'll never be without options!


  • You want more than just an exercise program. You're ready to create a moving life, one that gives you the vitality to life a life you love one that feeds body and soul.
  • You’re looking to join a community of fun, motivated, like-minded women over 50 who help each other succeed.
  • You want personal answers to your toughest health and fitness challenges from someone you can trust.
  • You want focused support and accountability to help you get strong and healthy faster and better than you could ever do on your own.
  • You’re ready to end the internet information overload and master a few simple and important elements of a fitness plan for a woman over 50.
  • The hit and miss approach isn’t working for you any more. You want real results and satisfaction from your fitness plan, one that works into your lifestyle, doesn't demand hours and hours and gives you energy to thrive.
  • You're about feeling comfortable in your body and being healthy, feeding both body and soul. No crazy diets or fads for you. Just healthy living and a moving life.
  • You're willing to treat yourself with kindness and grace when life doesn't always go as planned.


No More Overwhelm, No Guesswork

Pilates Gone Gray! workouts are designed specifically for women over 50. Each workout includes elements of exercises vital to YOUR needs.

Lots of Fun Surprises

Everyone loves something to look forward to and the Sisterhood's monthly Secret Sauce surprises promise to be something you'll really enjoy.

A Workout is Only as Far Away As Your Computer

Being able to do your Pilates Gone Gray! workouts at home or on the road will go a long way to being more consistent with your fitness plan.

A Variety of Workouts and Workout Lengths

Only have 10minutes? We've got that. The video archive has workouts from 10-40minutes long to ensure you can get something in every day.

A Great Community of Women Over 50

Everything is easier and more fun when you share your experiences with others. You can celebrate successes, get support to cheer you on when you need it and get to know women from around the world who are really just like you.

You'll be able to share your thoughts on articles and interviews on topics related to women over 50.

And I'll be there every step of the way to answer your questions and help keep you moving forward.

The Art of Going Gray Sisterhood Monthly

$15/month (cancel anytime)

The Art of Going Gray Sisterhood Yearly

$12/month ($144 billed yearly)

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Art of Going Gray Sisterhood different than other online fitness membership sites?

Every single part of the Sisterhood is designed to meet the unique health and fitness needs of women over 50. No crazy diets, no hardcore fitness fads. In the Sisterhood you'll experience realistic and supportive place where you can finally get on track with your health and fitness goals while you create A Moving Life, one that feeds both body and soul. And unlike other sites you'll have access to me every step of the way to answer your questions, cheer you on and offer coaching tips.

Tell Me About More About the Women Who Join the Sisterhood.

Members of the Sisterhood are busy, active women over 50 from around the world who all have places to go, things to do. Some are just beginning their journey to fitness, some have been at it for a while. What we all have in common is the desire to have the energy and vitality to thrive, to age gracefully, enjoy family and friends, avoid the doctor’s office and to feel comfortable in our own bodies. The Sisterhood Facebook group is where we share our experiences, cheer each other's successes and support each other through life's challenges.

Do I have to know Pilates to participate?

Absolutely not! In my experience Pilates is a great fitness practice that can be modified for every level of fitness and adapted to many physical challenges. The oldest client I've worked with was 90! The Sisterhood is designed for all levels of experience. In the Sisterhood Video Gallery I'll be adding some Intro to Pilates Principles videos for beginners to help those not familiar with Pilates. 

I’m not in the greatest physical shape. Can I join the Sisterhood?

Of course! However if you have any health issues or are recovering from any surgeries, be sure to check with your physician before getting started. 

I'm pretty fit already. How will the Sisterhood help me?

The Sisterhood workouts are a valuable addition to your fitness plan because they cover all of the important exercise components that are non-negotiable for women over 50...balance, strength, flexibility, agility, breathing/mindfulness and cardio. In addition workouts are offered at all levels of challenge so you'll be able find something that works for you. And it doesn't' end there. You have access to me for your fitness questions and a community for accountability. The monthly MOVE WELL and EAT WELL sections make the Sisterhood a great place to hang out.

Do I have to Join the Facebook Group ?  

Of course not. I understand privacy concerns. However, right now the Facebook Group is the best way to connect to the other women in the Sisterhood. It's private so your posts are seen only by members. I'll be working on creating a completely private forum within the Sisterhood which hopefully will be an easier place for all to connect.

Will You Really Be Available for All My Questions?

I'll be checking the membership site email every day to answer your questions, so YES! I'll also be available in our optional Facebook Group to answer questions.  

I'm pretty busy. I'm afraid I'll join and not participate. 

Yup, that might happen...for a while. That's life. Things come up and you have to put your health and fitness on hold for a while. The Sisterhood was designed precisely with this in mind. First of all, once you join the Sisterhood, you'll have access to all of the past materials, as well as the video and recipe archives 24/7 so you can move ahead at your own pace. Many of the video workouts are only 10 minutes long, making it easier to get some kind of activity in on those busy days. And I bet that the MOVE WELL & EAT WELL features plus the brand new workouts each month will make you want to login to check it out during those busy times.

The Sisterhood allows you to go at your own pace AND have the support and guidance you need to get the most out of your investment. We'll be there when you're ready.

Just think of it this way - if you join for a year at $144 you'll have ALL of the Sisterhood at your fingertips for less than the price of two personal training sessions.

The Art of Going Gray with Betsy Ogden ©2016